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    BL Series Apron Conveyor Product Overview:

    Apron Conveyor is a kind of plate conveyor, widely used in mining, metallurgy and cement industries, is the raw material processing or continuous production process indispensable equipment, the transmission of large and sharp materials is particularly appropriate. The series conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, long service life, simple installation and maintenance. It can meet the requirements of material size, block and working environment. The weight of single material is 70-120kg, Length of up to 40-80 meters and allows 25 ° angle of transport. Scaffold conveyors can be used to transport all kinds of massive or loose materials from the silo to the crusher, conveyor or other working machine in a horizontal or inclined direction. There are light and medium-sized points. This series of conveyor for the transport of block and powder materials, cement plant materials and equipment replacement products, commonly used in the transmission of bulk materials, but also adapted to sharp burning material conveying equipment.

    Apron Conveyor is a general-purpose fixed mechanized conveying equipment, which can be used to carry a large number of bulk materials and single pieces of heavy objects. It is especially suitable for large, heavy, hot and corrosive It is widely used in machinery, casting, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy, metallurgy , Chemical industry, building materials, power, mining and other industrial sectors.

    I can according to the customer's delivery volume, casting and other individual technical requirements to provide the right equipment selection and customization.

    BL Series Apron Conveyor Features:

    Apron Conveyor is a fixed ground conveyor that conveys the material in a horizontal and inclined direction. In metallurgy, coal, chemicals, automobiles, electricity, machinery manufacturing and other industries are widely used. Its advantages are as follows:

    1, with the chain for the traction element, not only the strength, high efficiency, reliable, and can be used as long-distance transport (the current length of delivery has reached 1,000 meters), transmission capacity, some skirt conveyor capacity of each Hour 1000t or more;

    2, the traction chain can be installed on a variety of structural accessories to meet the different requirements of different materials to achieve a variety of continuous process. With the transfer device after the transfer line layout flexibility, this performance is other types of conveyor can not be compared with;

    3, compared with the belt conveyor, the feeder can be in a larger angle and a smaller radius of bending under the conditions of conveying materials. Plate conveyor angle of up to 30 ° ~ 35 °, bending radius is generally about 3m-5m;

    4, can transport higher temperature materials (600 ° ~ 700 °). But also to adapt to more demanding conditions, such as bulky logs, sharp edges and corners of the ore and harmful chemicals.

    5, adaptability, the machine is suitable for non-sticky bulk material and granular, block material transport, especially for large block, and has sharp edges and corners, burning (such as cement clinker, etc.) material Transportation, but also in the delivery process can be completed at the same time cooling, cleaning and other processes;

    6, the whole device is compact, installation, commissioning, easy maintenance;

    7, chain plate: reasonable structure, good rigidity, strong impact resistance;

    8, to rolling friction instead of sliding friction, low running resistance;

    9, for 0 ° -15 ° angle;

    10, the transmission distance = 30m, you can use the chain and the chain to do the traction parts, transport distance> 30m, in order to prevent sliding, need to use the chain to do the traction parts, the transmission distance in the range of 30m-50m, such as the use of ring Chain structure, can be used head and tail dual drive, tail drive wheel using light wheel.

    Scaling machine products applicable to the scope and selection requirements:

    (1) scale plate width series: B = 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm; which B = 800mm, 1000mm two kinds of applications are more extensive;

    (2) the weight of a single object delivery: generally 75kg, up to 120-150kg;

    (3) Conveyor length: generally 60-120m, the maximum can reach 200m;

    (4) conveyor speed series: v = 0.8,0.96,1.2,1.5,1.8,2.4,3.0 m / min;

    (5) the lifting height of the conveyor: H = 2.2-4.5m, the maximum can reach 10m;

    (6) for all types of materials, the maximum permissible inclination of the conveyor is 25 degrees;

    (7) The height of the bottom of the slab groove is from the ground height h0 and the center of the head h h, as shown in the following table:

    Scale plate width B65080010001200

    (8) When the conveyor is installed on the floor or open ground of the workshop, the clearance height of the back side of the side plate is not less than 200mm. When installed in the pit, the clearance height is not less than 300mm. In certain circumstances, subject to certain external conditions, the clearance height can be determined as needed; (9) When the conveyor is moved from the horizontal section to the inclined section, the arc radius of the guard rail is used. The minimum radius of curvature is shown in the following table:

    The series design uses the radius of curvature R

    Scale plate width B65080010001200
    Minimum radius of curvature Rmin3500460046005700

    BL Series Apron Conveyor Product Technical Data Reference Table:


    Installation and maintenance of the scale conveyor:

    In order to ensure the reliable operation of the scale conveyor, not only to ensure the quality of the manufacturing and assembly of the quality of components, but also must do the installation and commissioning of the scale conveyor. The installation of the fender conveyor is usually the first assembly in the factory components, and then will be independent of the parts shipped to the use of the scene, the whole machine installation. The installation procedure is as follows:

    1, according to the installation of scales conveyor plate, set the longitudinal center of the device line. The longitudinal centerline is the basis for the installation of the entire conveyor, usually within the shop floor, usually based on the plant column grid coordinates. Crossed the line, it is best to make a benchmark for the plant column network, draw the longitudinal center of the conveyor and the head, the tail wheel of the horizontal center line. If the equipment associated with the conveyor has been installed in place, the installation should be based on the size of the adjacent equipment to determine the basis of the center line, and the relationship between the size of the plant column network for reference only, so that more To ensure reliable delivery of the delivery system;

    2, in the conveyor on the longitudinal center line, first out of the axis of the axis of the axis of the central position, and then along the vertical center line section measurement. The center position of the tail wheel shaft is determined by the total length of the conveyor;

    3, to the center line as the benchmark, to determine the rack of the foot position, track installation location, drive the positioning center size; 4, to determine the center position, should be combined with the civil structure of the construction plans to find out the relevant structural components and to be cleaned up, and then according to the requirements of the installation diagram of a variety of rack installation; 5, the rack (including the head frame, tailstock, intermediate bracket and drive rack, etc.) after installation, the orbital installation; 6, the installation of transmission sprocket shaft parts, tighten the sprocket shaft parts, sprocket installation should ensure that as small as possible coplanar error; sprocket shaft to be parallel to each other; the same chain of sprockets to keep in the same plane to avoid skew and beating The Sprocket of the coplanar error will cause the chain to produce lateral swing, so that the chain and the sprocket side of the grinding, impact and the chain of interference with the Department of the junction of the firmness of the weakened, serious, such as opening pin and other lock parts cut, Chain plate waist climbing tooth top; 7, install the drive device;

    9. Install the load bearing on the conveyor chain accessory. In order to ensure the installation accuracy, generally should first load the components by 4 or 8 a group of groups; and then first install each group of the first, installed and then install the second piece of each group; While adjusting the gap or overlapping distance of each adjacent bearing member. If the load carrying parts are assembled in multiple combinations, they should be assembled in advance;

    10, the installation of other ancillary equipment, such as a variety of safety shield, safety fence and pit cover, material slip tube, guide trough, etc .;

    11, in the installation process, while the electrical control system to install;

    12, the entire surface of the conveyor, according to the design requirements painted or other surface treatment;

    13, to test, adjust does not meet the design requirements and norms of the part.

    ? Huixin company according to user needs and design and manufacture of special models specifications of the scale conveyor. ? Huixin company for all technical information, size, modify the right to modify, such as physical and text patterns do not match, should prevail in kind, the interpretation of the right to Huixin company.

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